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Crăciunul bate la uşă. Odată cu el vine şi veşnica scuză că „Moşul a fost sărac anul ăsta".

5 motive destul de credibile pentru care Moşul e sărac anul ăsta

How can you find Saturn? Try drawing an imaginary line from Mars through Venus to spot Saturn near the sunrise point on the horizon, as shown on the sky chart above for late December. Use binoculars, if you need them.

An early capture of the planet Saturn, which passed behind the sun on November 2015 and has now returned to the predawn sky.

Ham the Chimp, the first Hominidae launched into outer space, in a Mercury capsule on a Redstone rocket, January 31, 1961.

Ham the Astrochimp, 1961 “Ham – also known as Ham the Chimp and Ham the Astrochimp, was the first chimpanzee launched into outer space in the American space program”