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a drawing of a man holding a heart in front of a fire with a skeleton on it
Proverbs 28:13 - Full of Eyes
an old black and white drawing of some people
Station III: Christ Falls the First Time
a person holding a dog in front of a sun with two birds flying over them
Mighty Ruler, Gentle Shepherd | Full of Eyes
a painting of jesus holding a cane in his hand
Ce va face Domnul în continuare
a drawing of a person holding a cross and two dogs
Isaiah 49:10 - Full of Eyes
a painting with an image of a person in the background and a quote on it
a painting of a woman standing in the ocean with birds flying over her and an orange sunset behind her
a painting of jesus walking on the beach with his boat in the water behind him
Peter’s Five Do-Overs
Christian Quotes, Faith Quotes, Religious Quotes, Faith In God, Trust God
Daughter of the King
an image of a woman with her arms spread out in the air, surrounded by stars
jesus walking through the clouds with his hands in his pockets and other people behind him
a painting of a man and woman standing in front of a priest