Romaji: yoru no kitai - ningen to ka mo dōyō ni matteimasuEnglish: night expectancy - the man and the mosquito waiting similarly

old fisherman at dusk

Old fisherman at dusk lowers his eyelids to die with the sun

tsuyu herons

Romaji: samidare ni tsuru no ashi mijikaku nareriEnglish: in the rainy season the crane's legs have become shorter by Matsuo Basho


Romaji: seiza mo azuma kara noboruEnglish: the constellations also rising from the east

blooming in the sunset

Romaji: banshō kara hanasakuEnglish: blooming from the setting sun

moon slice

Romaji: midori yutakana ki-kan ni tada no tsuki-gireEnglish: only pieces of the moon through the trees in leaf

red orchid

Romaji: tonari no hana wa akaiEnglish: the neighbor's flowers are red (Japanese proverb)


This is a traditional Japanese New Year Card called Nengajo. Since we are under the sign of Snake this year, this is what it represents.The meaning: Happy New Year! Thank you for all your kind help during the past year.

dance of herons

Dancing Herons Suginomai by Vlad Grigore