Love the old door!

Would make a great laundry room door! Great pantry door for a farm house kitchen. Dishfunctional Designs: New Takes On Old Doors: Salvaged Doors Repurposed

probably the cutest thin Ive ever seen

Giraffe pup: Pet Costume, So Cute, Dog Halloween Costume, Puppy, Giraffe Costume


Teaching with Fraction Strips

God I love Si....

Duck Dynasty - Uncle Si - it doesn't get better than him. I laugh so hard I cry everytime I hear his wisdom :)

DIY: snow candles...apply mod podge with a foam brush, then sprinkle or roll  with epsom salts.

Sparkling Snow Candles Bedazzle your plain red or green candles by painting them with a coat of Mod Podge and then rolling them in Epsom salt. This great idea and tutorial I found on Reckless-Glamour.

So much truth.I like being at home in my own little world. The real world is full of too many assholes.


Funny pictures about A hat for a cat. Oh, and cool pics about A hat for a cat. Also, A hat for a cat photos.

Avedon #avedon #umbrella #europe #city #movement #walk

You need more lessons but your getting there. Mary Poppins should be pleased with your progress! by Richard Avedon : Carmen Dell’Orefice (Homage to Munkácsi), Place François-Premier, Paris, 1957 Harper’s Bazaar Coat by Pierre Cardin

Homemade Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend. Pin now. Read now.

Innovative Homemade Gift Ideas That Your Boyfriend Will Treasure


architecture & steps & stairs & stairways - sublime stairway in bloom. Incredible show of wisteria going up a stair case! Staircase is the garden path, unusual but still definitlely a garden path of wisteria!

Irish symbol for eternal friendship tattoo - possibility

Irish symbol for eternal friendship tattoo My Second tat. My mother has a matching one on her right wrist. It stands for eternal friendship. Done at Awesome Ink in Beckley.