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Just because someone looks good, it doesn't mean they are good for you. Spoiled milk is still white.

"I can’t control your behavior; nor do I want that burden… but I will not apologize for refusing to be disrespected, to be lied to, or to be mistreated. I have standards; step up or step out." - Steve Maraboli parents are ruthless!

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True story. I always pick myself up..

I always pick myself up. Don't need a man in my life my kids are who make me keep going.

That's where you messed up. You gave them the opportnity to picture a life without you, by being inconsistent.  So when they got the strength, they walked away without looking back.

You're losing her. She's starting to imagine life without you in it & for the time she's no longer afraid to walk away


What You Allow. so true! Putting a stop to the BS NOW. Respect my terms or step out. She has some great tips for setting routines and starting the year off right. -

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I don't like wasting energy on holding grudges, but I also hate holding on to people who obviously don't have my heart in mind. I can understand but I won't forgive.

i honestly dont accept apologies lol like what you did as at the expense of my emotions i understand i dont respect it tho

If I cut you off, chances are you handed me the scissors.

Why We're Single: 10 Ways We F*ck Up A Good Thing Before It Even Starts

I live my life by this I completely cut people out if they hurt me enough. Some people judge me harshly because they think that I'm to harsh. But the truth is I cut people out because I find that this is the only way to continue with my life.

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you think im bout to b yo lil rebound nigga while yall talk and fuck behind my back about me that shit dead af we can be kool but if u love that nigga go get em shidd

This Morning I Woke Up.

This Morning I Woke Up.

it's about making time for YOU! #Life #Quotes

Make time for the people who are important to you. Make time for travel. Make time for the good in life.

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