Snowy Moon ...

winter snow and a beautiful full moon - [alternate caption from another pinner: snowy moon]


Ocean Moonrise, Vilano Beach, Florida photo via deangelo Beautiful Walk on the beach by Moonlight 🐱


I loved this picture of the moon. The winter setting with the moon is powerful and the moon looks amazing. Winter and the moon go along so well together in this picture.


The Window Your body is away from me but there is a window open from my heart to yours. From this window, like the moon I keep sending news secretly.


Moon Over Namdemun Tower Close Up - Full moon over Seoul, shot from Yeouido Hangang Park, Korea

Full moon

Full moon, Islamabad, Pakistan> i think its pretty shitty that I was surprised by the beauty of this picture because its in pakistan. I had a much different picture in my mind.

For a short moment | Flickr

This was going to be Monday. Then it occurred to me that if that black dot is Venus, this would have to be the SUN (image probably darkened) and NOT the Moon. (OP: "Transet Of Venus - Orebro, Sweden") Pretty (and spooky), though, isn't it?

No One Was There.  Empty Bench Moonlight

And No One Was There, Empty Bench, Full Moon over the Bay, Peace, Tranquility