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How to make a slow burning fuse video | 9 Kickass Booby Traps to Rig Your Homestead #survivallife

For this project I used items from around the house to create a pyrotechnic time-delay. Here's how to make a simple form of a slow burning fuse, because when.

How to Make potassium nitrate from instant cold packs « Science Experiments

Make Potassium Nitrate from Instant Cold Packs and Potassium Hydroxide Warning: This reaction will produce large quantities of toxic ammonia gas.

Pyrotechnic Chemicals and Supplies, Sparklers, Fireworks Fuse

Fireworks supplies, pyrotechnic chemicals, fireworks fuse, fireworks shells parts, rocket tubes and wedding sparklers shipped to you same day.

Todo en uno

Argentine Style BBQ by the confluence project, (looks good but not exactly sure how this cooks the pig on the spit or the stuff on the grate)

Texas Hibachi

The Texas Hibachi is the perfect travel pit for the grill master in your life. Heavy duty construction allows you to use wood chips or charcoal, and with a slide out grill, the clean up is a cinch!

Cuts of meat

BEEF BUTCHER MEAT Market Cuts of Meat Hand Printed Letterpress Poster Do you want to learn about cuts of meat? Its printed in red, white, and black inks on post-consumer recycled kraft cardstock.