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Are you ready for your daily dose of heartwarming? We have a video of a 94-year-old great-grandad having just as much fun as the rest of his family

94-Year-Old Decides To Have As Much Fun As Grandkids, Enlists Family To Help Him Up Waterslide

The whole family got in on his fun!

Let’s be real, everyone has had at least one daydream of becoming a princess. The lavish life of castles, fancy parties, and the royal thrown all seem just too good to be true. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take some helpful advice from the real royals themselves.

50 Life hacks we can all learn from a duchess

Helpful advice from royalty!

Putting on makeup isn’t easy, particularly if you aren’t professionally trained. You need to learn how to pick the right shade of foundation, apply the right amount of blush, and use eyeliner all by yourself. Honestly, it’s a tricky and confusing process.

30 pics of how women do their makeup vs a professional

Lesson: You don't need a lot of makeup.

Are you tired of photos that people think look real but are actually fake? Photoshop is neat but there are times you just want something genuine. These photos may look fake but they are as real as can be. You won’t believe what our minds can do.

66 Phenomenal Things That Look Fake But Are Real

Are you tired of photos that people think look real but are actually fake? Photoshop is neat but there are times you just want something genuine.

She’s like the super hero of all moms, and welcomed us into her fantastically clean and organized laundry room to share some mommy secrets and top tips.

Mom Of 5 Shares Her Top Tricks For Laundry Day That Will Save Your Clothes

Takes notes - these tips are life changing.

Luck is either one your side or it has left you hanging on your own. You can be completely going about your very normal day and, out of thin air, have your plans go completely awry.

60 People Who Aren’t Having The Best Day Of Their Life

Luck is either on your side or it isn’t.

Is there such thing as eternal love? Well, this is a question that over the centuries has given rise to debates, has fueled the imagination of artists, and inspired novels and poems. But one thing is for sure: love is nothing that science can’t explain, although there are still many aspects of it that have not been revealed.

50 couples recreated their old photos and they’re just as in love as the first time they met

Their love has stood the test of time.

The internet has changed so much about how we live, work, and especially how we shop! In the past, when you wanted something, you had to actually get off your butt and go visit shops and towns to buy it. Now, you can simply load up Amazon or other sites on your phone or computer and order items to be shipped direct to your door from the comfort of your own home.

60 People who shopped online and wish they could take it back

Online shopping isn't always all it's cracked up to be

Trashy people are everywhere around us, and no matter how hard we try to deny this fact, chances are, we’re going to run into some trashy people one way or another. For the most part, trashy people lack any depth and meaning in life and try to compensate for it with questionable behavior. These folks can sometimes be funny and make us feel better about ourselves, but on the other hand, they can be downright disgusting and give the whole humankind a bad name. Fire Nails, We The People, In This World, Cool Hair Color, Girl Gang, Believe, Hair Goals, Style Icons, Brows

50 trashy people we can’t believe exist in this world

Suspect tattoos, cringe-worthy social media posts, questionable life choices... take a deep breath and plunge into the world of unrestrained trashiness.

During work hours, all members of the musical ensemble are Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists. But in their free time, they have people cracking up over their hilarious songs – which pertain to their area of expertise.

Five Male Nurses Bring Laughter With Parody Song

Their lyric changes are so funny.

Weddings are stressful and sometimes they bring out the worst in people. They can also be full of mishaps. I Laughed, Hug, Bring It On, Relationship, Modern Interiors, Dance, Weddings, Bride, Amazing Things

60 Brides who look like they could really use a hug

It's ok if your wedding day isn't always the greatest day of your life.

Pregnancy is no balloon ride. It’s tough, everything hurts, and no one seems to understand. It doesn’t take much to either make your day miserable or delightful. But all it takes are a few simple hacks to let you rest a little easier while waiting for your bundle of joy. Fire Nails, Balloon Rides, Wtf Funny, Funny Humor, Cool Hair Color, Pregnancy Tips, Kids Decor, Fun Facts, Cool Hairstyles

25 Clever Pregnancy Hacks

Pregnancy is no balloon ride. But all it takes are a few simple hacks to let you rest a little easier while waiting for your bundle of joy.

Are you one of those people who sigh in contentment whenever they see an impeccably arranged stack of clothes or when things are color-coded, properly matched and completely in order? If you are, then this article is definitely what you need today!

40+ Photos That Will Make Perfectionists Sigh In Contentment

They’ll just make you sigh in contentment.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced a lot of people inside their homes. The Getty Museum in Los Angeles considered it an opportunity for people to sharpen their minds and challenge their creativity.

50 people who are so bored at home they’re turning themselves into art

This is one quarantine challenge I can get behind.

We are all afraid of something and that’s normal. Fear is generally a part of being human. However, in some cases, there’s really no reason to feel fearful. Our eyes tend to play tricks on our mind and that causes us to believe in things that aren’t real or don’t even exist.

50 freaky pics that’ll make your heart skip a beat

Warning: Not for the faint of heart.

Some people have an incredible sense of humor. It just seems to come naturally. But have you ever met an entire family with an uncanny ability to make everyone laugh? Believe it or not…they exist. Those are the ones you want to be friends with since there’s never a dull moment.

35 Hilarious Families Keep Life Fun With Their Humor

There’s no boredom happening in these families.