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an image of a woman with white hair and grey hair, looking at the camera
two people standing next to each other in front of a screen with text that reads, so this is 7 minutes in between
bg3 durgetash
art cr: frizzypom on twt
an image of a man with grey hair holding a sign that says, my sweet boy worst man to ever exit
an image of a cartoon with the caption ascended astrion, and then
#bg3 #baldursgate3 #shadowheart Video Game, Skyrim, Darwin, Dawkins, Video Games
#bg3 #baldursgate3 #shadowheart
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an image of a man that is holding a plate with food on it and another person sitting down next to him
three people are sitting down and drinking coffee
there are many people in the movie with thought bubbles above them that says wow, these people are weird thank god i'm the only normal person here
a drawing of a man in a suit with a speech bubble above his head that says,
baldur’s brainworms
a shirtless man with white hair and blue eyes stares at the camera while holding his hand to his chin
an animated image of three people in costume
Astarion is legit me 😭✋
#baldersgate3 #karlach #shadowheart #laezel #Astarion #funny #relatable #meme
two comics with different faces and words on them
an image of a man with long hair and no shirt in front of a fire
an image of two people talking to each other in front of a counter with pots and pans on it
Jumbo Size Spicy Big Dad
i don't know why they are this to me