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Perfect Fried Okra Recipe

Fried Okra Recipe //other says: Yumm! In Oklahoma, we also add in chopped onions, tomatoes and potatoes. All covered in a crispy cornmeal coating.


malformalady: “ Slope Point is the southernmost point of South Island, New Zealand. Lying just east of the Waikawa and Haldane settlements, the land is primarily used for sheep farming. With no roads. - malformalady: Slope Point is the southernmost.

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Photograph by NASA/Barry Wilmore In this incredible photo we see spirals of lights bursting from Earth. The photo was taken from the International Space Station by astronaut Barry Wilmore.

Cultura Inquieta - Retratos sin concesiones obra de Eolo Perfido

Clownville, a photo series featuring grotesque portraits of terrifying clowns, is the photographic nightmare of French-born photographer Eolo Perfido. Eolo says

101 Extraordinary Self-Portrait Ideas to Spice Up Your Facebook Profile

Self-portrait photography has been a popular form of expression. Moreover, these days self-portrait is quite necessary due to social networking.

CR Motorcycles

CR&S is a Italian boutique manufacturer that produces high quality motorcycles. Their spectacular Duu Motorcycle is built with sophisticated materials and tailored with a wide range of options according to the customers´ personal tastes.