Victor Livadaru

Victor Livadaru

Victor Livadaru
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Mark Renton - Trainspotting -

Rents - Trainspotting by WisesnailArt

Colomares Castle. , Andalucia. Spain

I love gemista, angel-kiyoss: Colomares castle, Benalmadena,.

Decebalus Rex (King Decebal). The bigest stone statue in Europe.  Dubova, Romania.

Statue of Dacian King Decebalos on River Danube,Romania

Râpa Roşie, Sebeș  Rezervaţie geologică cu suprafaţa de 10 ha. Pereţii săi au înălţimi cuprinse între 80 si 100 m. Apa a săpat pe un substrat variat (pietrişuri, nisipuri cuarţoase, gresii) forme ciudate: coloane, turnuri, piramide - toate de culoare roşiatică.

Red Steep in Sebes, Romania Per

Make un-hideable cables pretty.

1000 life hacks is here to help you with the simple problems in life. Posting Life hacks daily to help you get through life slightly easier than the rest!

Dr. Who themed room @Chantel Waterbury Waterbury Waterbury Waterbury Cardona

Bedroom , Outer Space Themed Bedroom : Outer Space Themed Bedroom For Boys In Stars Printinrg And The Moon Bedding Sets With Hardwood Floor

Acro Yoga in the Park

Acro couple yoga… would love to do this one day!

couples yoga

Beautiful day for Acro Yoga! Note to self: Practice at Big River Beach in Mendocino, California before relaxing a trendy Cabana!

Couples Yoga poses

Partner Yoga Touch :: There is no question that Yoga is a wonderful practice to balance body and mind and live a more healthy lifestyle. Yoga can not only increase your body& f

For flowers next to the kitchen sink/window. Clever!

Use for all my extra mason jars! DIY - Use curtain rod hook, wire and Mason jar to put flowers next to the kitchen sink/window. This is a great idea! I love bouquets of flowers around the house!