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Judo 유도 I can do this!
Judo Kid
Judo Kid
So great to see a big and difficult throw like O-guruma!
All for Kung Fu, Tai Chi & Martial Arts
juji-gatame: “ Just look at the (probably) best Ippon-seoi-nage of the year! It was in the Grand Slam of Paris… in the -90kg category! ”
Juji Gatame
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Grappler Going Abroad
— juji-gatame: Great moment of Judo! A mix...
Juji Gatame
Juji Gatame
Judo 유도 : Sode-tsurikomi-goshi
Juji Gatame
Zebeda Rekhviashvili (GEO) producing a perfectly insane flying juji-gatame in the European Championships!
Juji Gatame
Juji Gatame
Juji Gatame
Juji Gatame — Such a great combo: Kosoto-gake to Tai-otoshi!
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Is Judo one of the best martial arts for street fighting? | Judo Stuff & Pics
Judo best martial arts for street fighting? "Is hitting someone with the planet an effective means of disabling them? "