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unknown cemetery

It's a Weeping Angel. That's been attacked by Vashta Nerada. This *MIGHT* be the scariest thing ever. Count the shadows and don't blink!<-- for Halloween I'm dressing up as the Vashta Nerada and my cousin is going as a Weeping Angel!

Katherine Squier Aiguille du Midi viewing area (part of the Mont Blanc range), Chamonix, France. I have been to Chamonix and up the mountain next to Mont Blanc but I don't recall this bit.

prehistoric cave painting, 35000 years ago

Prehistoric Cave painting from 35000 years ago. The question is, what were they trying to depict in this piece of Ancient Art History? (The question is, had they discovered hallucinogens years ago?

From area of present day Balochistan, 6,000-3,000 BC

Mehrgarh:The roots of Shaktism: a Harappan goddess figurine. Date: 3000 BCE - 5500 BCE Location: Mehrgarh, Harappa Female figurines were found in almost all households indicating the presence of cults of goddess worship.

Gem ring    1st-3rd Century AD    Roman Imperial

*ITALY ~ Gem ring Century AD Roman Imperial Amethyst gem engraved with a draped comic actor wearing an eagle mask and holding a staff surmounted by a hoopoe. (Source: The British Museum)