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a wooden object with metal rivets on it sitting on a table next to a pair of scissors
3D model
several people sitting on white chairs in an outdoor area with flowers and plants growing out of them
a group of people standing around in the middle of a city street with trees and buildings
ShowBox - Create Your Own Street Stage and Seating
ShowBox - Create Your Own Street Stage and Seating : 6 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables
a table made out of metal with holes in the middle
Architecture of Doom
Architecture of Doom
an art installation consisting of multicolored mesh and plastic discs on a white surface
two children playing in an art installation made out of colored circles
Amazing Playgrounds
knitted playspace in Japan
an image of colorful art on the side of a building that is painted with different colors
Joe Braun Photography - DETROIT: Duality of the "D" (Page 11)
a man sitting on top of a white object in a room filled with colorful columns
an outdoor garden with lots of white lights on it's poles and flowers in the foreground
La jetée
an outdoor area with stairs, plants and lights
Huolpoch House in Mérida, Mexico by Workshop Diseño y Construcción
four tall white pillars in front of the ocean at night with blue sky and clouds
Ricardo Bofill Sculptures for W Barcelona