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Top 10 Best Tribal Shoulder Tattoos for Men. Are you looking for shoulder tattoo designs for men? Check out my favorite selection of tribal tattoo…

Love guys with tattoos :)

Raven tattoo design is one of the best and popular tattoos which express your passion and great desire of flying. Raven tattoo design is suitable both for men a

Lumberjack vs Sailor by Anderson Alves, via Behance

Replace an axe with an ice axe or Peavey and remove the anchor. Artist: Lumberjack vs Sailor by Anderson Alves, via Behance

Family initial tat

69 Inspirational Typography Tattoos

Little forearm tattoo of the initials “A”, “H”, “S” and “D” meaning “Awareness, Humility, Sacrifice and Dependence”.

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Here are some of the best Greek tattoo designs for men and women. Greek Tattoos contain a multitude of beautiful designs and varieties to choose from.

Nhy Symphony                                                                                                                        Madre de Dios @André Skjegstad's Inferno

I am slowly but surely falling in love with tattoo sleeves on men.and Danny Jones.and his British accent.