Vicentiu Garbacea

Vicentiu Garbacea

Vicentiu Garbacea
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Robert conrad wild wild west portrait tv 24x36 poster

This image from the series "WILD WILD WEST" featuring Robert Conrad as "James West". Western TV Heroes is proud to introduce a series of their custom designed line of "Western Heroes" photographic magnets.


The Atlantic Ocean Road, Romsdal, Norway. I would love to drive on this highway! It is amazing ~ I never dreamed there was an "Atlantic Ocean Road!" (I wonder if there is a Pacific Ocean Road?

Flydalsjuvet, Geiranger, Norway

Geiranger, Norway : Flydalsjuvet by Stian Rekdal on Fivehundredpx. My drunken ancestors would sit on this promontory and hurl into the fjord.