Brokarivska embroidery - Soap or brokarivska embroidery - Ukraine Cross Stitch technique appeared from the middle of XIX century.

*Colour folk embroidery - is mostly a combination of red and black colors, symbols of joy and sorrow, often sung in Ukrainian folk songs.

Ukraine, from Iryna with love

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Ukraine, from Iryna

This is too modest, folk yet classy ! As a Muslim hijab wearing girl I can see that modesty in old Eastern Europe is quite similar to Islamic modesty !

Ukraine, from Iryna

Travel West Ukraine Ukrainian embroidery, photo by Ivan Yasnij. These hands are everywhere in my family. / Фото #24 - 155 знаков украинской стародавней вышивки - vimiand

Hello all, Today I will address a type of embroidery which excites strong feelings among Ukrainians. It is typified by the Rushn.

Bran costume

Ie de Bran (Moeciu de Sus) Romanian Blouse from Bran region Photo: Constantin Dinu