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two pictures side by side showing the inside and outside of a shipping container with furniture in it
44+ Must See Shipping Container Homes - House Topics
Nowadays shipping container homes are getting a lot of buzz this is mainly because of few reasons: Time saving & low price. Make sure to know more about shipping container homes! #shippingcontainerhomes #containerhomes
a car is parked in front of a house made out of shipping containers and steel
The Executive Container Home - Australia
Built from four 20FT high cube containers, masterfully designed to take all the advantages of every square inch that comes with utilising the container strengths.
a bathroom with two sinks and a shower
Meu banheiro
a shower with wooden walls and flooring next to a skylight in a bathroom
15 раз, когда кто-то хотел душевую ″не как у всех″ - и получилось гениально!
the house is made out of concrete and has sliding glass doors
Showing Gallery of Contemporary Modern House Plans (View 1 of 10 Photos)
Showing 1 of 10 photos about contemporary minimalist modern house style
a house with a swimming pool in front of it at dusk or dawn, as seen from the backyard
Alphington House by InForm (20)
Alphington House by InForm (20)