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Bucharest, România   ·  Jurnal online pentru femei-mamici, crestere si educare bebelusi, iubire, informatii la zi cum mamicile isi pot face viata mai usoara & mai frumoasa si sa creasc
Viata Ca Mamica
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Ce trebuie sa stii despre hainutele bebelusului

Ce trebuie sa stii despre hainutele bebelusului - viata ca mamica

Plansul copilului. Ce inseamna si cum sa-l interpretezi?

Worrying you might get hurt is worse than knowing you will study finds. An experiment found that having a 50 percent chance of receiving a painful electric shock was actually more stressful than having a 100 percent chance of receiving one. via rddit sci

Cum cresti imunitatea copilului?

- viata ca mamica

In ce masura nevoile bebelusului iti influenteaza viata?

Sometimes being a single parent is stressful. It would be awesome to have a helpful husband to assist with duties like cleaning, paying bills, and taking care of the children.