Birds Are Terrible Mailmen

This Is Why Hogwarts Should Just Get Mailmen

Though he is probably more well-known today for his views on religion, Dawkins is first and foremost an evolutionary biologist. He has dedicated his life to studying evolution and to him it must be so bleeding obvious, and so much more awe-inspiring and beautiful, that the complexity of life on Earth is thanks to Natural Selection rather than Intelligent Design.

Beautiful Web Comic Illustrating Perhaps The Nicest Thing Richard Dawkins Has Ever Said. Richard Dawkins said something nice!

KURT VONNEGUT: The life of art

This is my second Kurt Vonnegut quote (here’s the first one). He just had such a gift for expressing the joy of living and creating into a few sentences that I was always going to adapt more …

Winter is coming...

Winter is coming

Funny pictures about The Seasons. Oh, and cool pics about The Seasons. Also, The Seasons.

Arkham Daycare

Funny pictures about Arkham Day Care. Oh, and cool pics about Arkham Day Care. Also, Arkham Day Care.

Chuck & Beans

Social Media: Making it super-easy to connect online and then making it super-redundant to connect in real-life.

ROBERT H. GODDARD: The rocket man

Robert H. Goddard was an American physicist, engineer and the father of modern rocketry. He built the first liquid-fuelled rocket and his work was directly responsible for spaceflight.

Evolution of a Coffee Addict

Funny pictures about Evolution of a coffee addict. Oh, and cool pics about Evolution of a coffee addict. Also, Evolution of a coffee addict.