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an info poster showing different types of dogs
Adopting a friendly companion can benefit humans in many ways.
an animal's paw with labeled parts labelled
Dog Paws - Weird Facts & Care Tips
everything you need to know about your dog paws. including how to clean etc... A) claw, B) digital pads, C) metacarpal pad, D) dew claw, E) carpal pad.
the siberian husky dog is sitting in the snow
Siberian Husky: A Complete Guide With Images
Everything you need to know about the Siberian Husky in one place including plenty of beautiful photographs. #siberianhusky #siberianhuskies #husky #huskies
a sign that says sorry i can't, my dog and i have plans
#dog #quotes | Animals | Dog quotes, Dog quotes funny, Animal quotes
Yỏu stupid antics have PLAYED OUT. STAY OUT ÒF MY LIFE REALLY.