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there are many different types of books on display in this room with people looking at them
Manifold Greatness blog
museum display ideas | 2011: Debut of the Manifold Greatness traveling exhibition. Photo by ...
a display case with an engine and gear on it
licht als werkzeug | Ausstellungsdesign, Messeauftritt, Ausstellung
licht als werkzeug: Deutsches Museum
an art exhibit with black and white pictures on the wall, along with people walking by
Arthitectural - Bringing Interior to Life
there are many pictures hanging on the wall in this room with books and magazines attached to it
מיכל גרניט סטודיו לעיצוב MICHAL GRANIT DESIGN STUDIOMichal Granit Design Studio מיכל גרניט סטודיו לעיצוב
a group of silver boxes sitting on top of a wooden floor next to each other
Grimshaw Architects
Fusion < Projects | Grimshaw Architects
an art gallery with three large white columns in the center and two black and white pictures on the wall
Folders giratórios com memorial e fotos
an art gallery with sculptures and lights on display
Let there Be (Nordic) Light | Yatzer
two pictures of people looking at art on display in a room with white walls and brick flooring
Exhibiting in New York in the Air: Alberto Campo Baeza Exhibition
Exhibiting in New York in the Air: Alberto Campo Baeza Exhibition
three framed pictures hang on the wall next to each other, one with a bottle in it
3 feira a Sábado - 11h as 20h-2010
Nuno Sousa Vieira / I love the way of frames hanging
a sculpture made out of multiple pieces of wood and white circles on the top of it
Amalia Pica - Biography, Shows, Articles & More | Artsy
// Amalia Pica . shutter telegraph (as seen on TV), 2013
two people standing in front of some black and white pictures
Devorar París
Devorar Paris. Picasso / PFP
a circular display in the middle of a room with wooden flooring and white walls
TME.NET - Tech, Media & Entertainment
A table that snakes through various rooms at Tokyo's Eye of Gyre gallery by Japanese studio Nendo.