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Flaccid Badgers and More

It has come to my attention that many of my friends don’t know how easy it can be to get a super cute braided crown look! It’s definitely my favorite for when I want to do something fast that will...

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Impletitura frantuzeasca simpla (spic) si inversa (impletitura olandeza) - Revista FUCSIA

Sa nu crezi ca aceste tipuri impletituri sunt noi. Sigur le purtai sub denumirea de impletituri spic, facute chiar de mainile bunicii tale. Acum iti aduci aminte, nu? Atat impletitura frantuzeasca (spic) cat si impletitura frantuzeasca inversa (impletitura olandeza) si-au pastrat popularitatea pana in zilele noastre. De altfel, sunt tehnici de baza de la care…