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an instagram photo of a man in green shirt and shorts with his hands out
an old photo of a man standing in a field with a lone tree behind him
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an old tv sitting on top of a black stand in front of some palm trees
a close up of a piece of wood next to a finger
Human Vs Nature By Agnieszka Lepka - IGNANT
Based in Cracow, Poland, the young and talented photographer Agnieszka Lepka made the breakthrough in 2015 when she was participating in the contest TIFF Festival in ‘DEBUTS’ section, as well as the Sputnik Photos workshop in collaboration with Filip Springer. The same year, the photographer opened her first exhibition titled ‘Emotional Landscapes’ in a small gallery in Krakow. Lepka’s analogue pictures show various subjects including close-up shots of human body parts, landscapes and everyda...
two different images of the same leaf, one with brown and tan leaves on it
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a black and white photo of three mannequins with their heads turned to the side
LensCulture - Contemporary Photography
Laurence Demaison Les eautres n°11
black and white photograph of hands holding balls in front of them, with text underneath
Dóra Maurer. Reversible and Changeable Phases of Movement, Study No. 4. 1972 | MoMA
a person's nose with the reflection of two faces on it, in black and white
LensCulture - Contemporary Photography
Laurence Demaison
a shirtless man with many butterflies on his head and chest in front of him
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a blurry photo of an old white building
House [772-7] » Art » Gerhard Richter
Gerhard Richter, Haus (House), 1992, 82 cm x 62 cm, Oil on canvas