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an old castle sits on top of a hill surrounded by trees and hills in the background
14 of the Most Amazing Fairy Tales Castles you should See in a Lifetime
Bran Castle, Romania – also known as Dracula's Castle | 14 of the Most Amazing Fairy Tales Castles you should See in a Lifetime
the mountains are covered in fog and clouds as they rise into the valley below them
Ceahlau Mountains, Romania
a large building with a fountain in front of it
Palatul Culturii
The Palatul Culturii, one of the largest buildings in Romania, which houses four museums (Museum of History, Museum of Art, Museum of Ethnography, Museum of Science and Technology). // Iaşi, Romania
a woman in traditional russian clothing standing in the snow with her hands on her hips
Traditional Clothes in Romania
the rolling hills are covered in trees and grass with white flowers on them, under a cloudy sky
Beautiful Romania
Pestera Village, Brasov County, Transylvania, Romania
an old stone church with a clock tower -&nbspThis website is for sale! -  Resources and Information.
Alba Iulia, Romania. Places To See Before You Die - Alba Iulia #Alba #Iulia #Apulum #Apoulon #Balgrad meaning #white #castle or #white #town #Karlsburg #Carlsburg #Weißenburg #Gyulafehérvár #Erdel #Belgradı #Belgrad-ı #Alba #Iulia #Romania #Transilvania #Romania #castle #defensive #walls #stronghold #history #Stadt #Schloss #Mauern #Hochburg #Geschichte
people are on the grass in front of some mountains and trees, with a small cabin at the base
Around the world with Travelbrochures | Travelbrochures
Romanian countryside ....
an old building with paintings on it
The monastery of Moldovita, in Bukovina, Romania
a man and woman dressed in folk garb standing next to hay bales smiling at each other
romanian lovers in traditional romanian costumes
the sun is setting over a field full of wildflowers on a hillside with mountains in the background
~~The secret garden | the sun sets on the Rodnei mountains, Romania by Zsolt Kiss~~
an old stone tunnel with a clock tower in the background and cobblestone floor
the mori life
an aerial view of a winding road in the mountains, with cars driving on it
Winding Mountain Road in Romania
the building has many designs on it's side and is surrounded by green grass
The Painted Monasteries, Romania
an image of a waterfall in the middle of a cave with sunlight coming through it
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Waterfall Cave in Romania, Cugir
a woman is standing in front of some colorfully decorated graves
Happy Cemetery
Cemetery Sapanta Romania