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three posters with different types of food on them, one is orange and the other has green
Social content
an open book with red lipstick on the pages and white paper in front of it
Mohawk Maker Quarterly 9: Inspiration.
an open magazine with a man in a top hat holding a lamp on his head
Studio Frederic Tacer → Graphic Design
ICA monthly guide — Studio Frederic Tacer
an open brochure with red and blue colors
Paisaje sensorial | Exhibition
Paisaje sensorial | Exhibition by Ursula Villalba, via Behance
an open book sitting on top of a table
several different types of papers stacked on top of each other
IAG Reconciliation Action Plan
IAG Reconciliation Action Plan on Behance
an open book with the words we create truth written on it and images of flowers
Design Work Life
I think these layouts are a great example of how to make pages graphic heavy, and yet integrate text very well. However, where the most intense graphic elements are, my eye usually goes the wrong way across the page (i.e. right to left)
the website design is designed to look like it's being used for business purposes
Elogic E-commerce Company Corporate Website Development
Elogic E-commerce Company Corporate Website Development on Behance
an image of a woman with black skin and white flowers in her hair is featured on the page
Juliette typeface
two mobile phones with the words network on them
IFundWomen — Story
IFundWomen — Story
several different colored papers on top of each other with lines in the middle and bottom
Transient Senses
Transient Senses on Behance #minimal
an open book with two pictures on the front and back cover is shown in red, white, and blue
The Little Prince Museum
This is a fictional art/science museum designed at SVA for Natasha Jen's Communication class.