Flowering Plants

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All types of flowering plants including annuals, perennials and indoor plants with flowers

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Planting winter flowering annuals is a great way to brighten up your garden during the winter months. Here are 5 beautiful annual flowers that bloom during winter to plant in your flower garden. #annuals #flowers #flowergarden

5 Winter Flowering Annuals

These winter flowering annuals will brighten up your garden over the winter months. They're perfect for garden beds, borders, containers and pots.

Orange perennial flowers are great for bringing color to flower gardens and containers. Here are 15 beautiful, bright orange perennials to plant in your flower garden. #flowers #perennials #flowergarden

15 Beautiful Orange Perennials

Looking for orange perennial flowers for your garden? You're sure to find some great options on this list of the best orange perennials.

Nasturtium flower growing guide - Nasturtiums are easy to grow annual flowers that are also edible. Here's how to grow Nasturtiums in your flower garden. #flowers #annuals #flowergarden

How To Grow Nasturtium Flowers

Nasturtiums are one of the easiest annuals to grow and care for. They're fast growing with beautiful bright edible flowers and leaves.

Shrubs with red flowers are great for brightening up the garden. Here are 15 stunning red flowering shrubs to plant in your flower garden. #flowers #shrubs #flowergarden

15 Red Flowering Shrubs

Looking for red flowering shrubs for your garden? Here are 15 beautiful shrubs with red flowers to plant in your flower garden.

Hanging baskets full of annual flowers look beautiful hanging from porches or verandas. Here's how to keep your hanging basket flowers blooming for longer. #flowers #flowergarden

Hanging Basket Care Guide

Looking for hanging basket care tips? Here are some simple ways to keep your flower baskets blooming from spring until summer.

Purple perennial flowers in shades of lilac, violet, mauve and deep purple. Here are 15 beautiful purple perennials to plant in your flower garden. #perennials #flowers #flowergarden

15 Purple Perennial Flowers

Here are 15 popular, easy to grow purple perennials with beautiful flowers in shades of lilac, mauve, violet and deep purple.

Bell-shaped flowers are gorgeous additions to flower gardens, containers and hanging baskets. If you’re looking for flowers shaped like bells you’re sure to find some beautiful options on this list. #flowers #flowergarden

7 Bell Shaped Flowers For Your Garden

Looking for bell-shaped flowers? Here are 7 beautiful and easy to grow bell-shaped flowers to plant in your flower garden.

Planting winter flowering bulbs is a great way to brighten up your garden during the winter months. There are many different bulbs that bloom in late winter and in this article I’ve listed my top ten bulbs for winter flowers. #bulbs #flowers #flowergarden

10 Winter Flowering Bulbs

Looking for winter flowering bulbs for your garden? Here are 10 beautiful bulbs that begin blooming in late winter.

Pink perennial flowers look beautiful in garden beds or planted in containers. Here are 10 pretty pink perennials to plant in your flower garden. #flowers #perennials #flowergarden

10 Pink Perennial Flowers For Your Garden

These beautiful pink perennial flowers are easy to grow and will provide masses of gorgeous pink blooms in your garden. Most of these perennials

Trailing annual flowers look great when planted in hanging baskets, window boxes, containers and retaining walls. Here are 10 beautiful trailing annuals for your flower garden. #annuals #flowers #flowergarden

10 Trailing Annual Flowers

Trailing annual flowers are perfect for hanging baskets and containers. Here are 10 of the best trailing annuals for your garden.

Foxglove flower growing guide - Foxgloves are popular perennial flowers that look great growing along borders or at the back of a garden bed. Growing Foxgloves is easy, even for beginner gardeners and with these simple tips you’ll be able to have gorgeous Foxglove flowers growing in your garden. #flowergarden #flowers #perennials Gardening For Beginners, Gardening Tips, Growing Flowers, Planting Flowers, Soil Layers, Growing Seeds, Flowers Perennials, Companion Planting

How To Grow Foxglove Flowers

Looking for tips on how to grow Foxglove flowers in your garden? This article covers everything you need to know about growing healthy Foxgloves.

Yellow flowering shrubs are ideal for brightening up the garden. Here are 10 beautiful yellow flowering bushes that are ideal for flower gardens, pots, shrubberies or privacy hedges. #flowers #flowergarden #shrubs

10 Shrubs With Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowering shrubs look spectacular in the garden. Here are 10 easy to grow shrubs with beautiful, bright yellow flowers.

Passion flowers are perennial climbing vines with stunning, fragrant flowers that only open for one day. Passion flower vines grow well on trellises, fences and pergolas. #flowers #climbingplants #flowergarden Fast Growing Plants, Growing Seeds, Growing Flowers, Planting Flowers, Flower Gardening, Flower Vines, Flower Tea, Hardy Perennials, Flowers Perennials

How To Grow Passion Flowers

Passion flowers have stunning flowers that only bloom for one day but they're well worth the wait. Learn how to grow Passion flowers in this article

Flower colors - Did you know there are peonies available in just about every shade of the rainbow? If you love peony flowers, you’re sure to find some beautiful options on this list of colorful peonies. #flowers #flowergarden Flowers Perennials, Planting Flowers, Flower Gardening, Peony Colors, Peony Flower, Garden Beds, Colorful Flowers, Indoor Plants, Peonies

Peony Flower Color Guide

Peonies are beautiful perennial flowers that come in a wide variety of colors. Check out this peony color guide to help you choose your peonies.

Flower bulb care - Some bulbs can be left in the ground over the winter months, while others will need to be dug up and stored for the next planting season. Here's how to look after your flower bulbs so you can enjoy beautiful blooms year after year. #flowers #bulbs #flowergarden Planting Bulbs, Planting Flowers, Flower Gardening, Growing Tulips, Canna Lily, Spring Flowering Bulbs, Annual Flowers, Look After Yourself, Bulb Flowers

How To Care For Bulbs After Flowering

Caring for bulbs the right way after flowering means that you can have beautiful blooms in your garden for years to come.

Bluebells are attractive, low maintenance perennial flowers that come back year after year, creating a beautiful carpet of blue flowers in your yard. In this article, you’ll learn about growing and caring for bluebells, so you can enjoy their beauty in your flower garden. #flowers #flowergarden #perennials Hardy Perennials, Flowers Perennials, Planting Flowers, Flowering Plants, Flower Gardening, Gardening For Beginners, Gardening Tips, Blue Bell Flowers, Love The Earth

How To Grow Bluebell Flowers

Looking for tips to grow Bluebells? Check out this comprehensive guide to grow beautiful Bluebells in your flower garden.