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two hands with neon blue and yellow paint on them, in front of a black background
random blue aesthetic icon <3
two posters with different shapes and sizes on them, one in pink and the other in blue
the cover art for yukno - nie's album, which features an image of planets and stars
Single Cover Design Yukno PT.1
the cover art for beyond time
Waysons are Back on R3HAB’s CYB3RPVNK with Groovy Dancefloor Gem “Beyond Time”
a traffic light sitting on top of a street sign in front of bubbles and signs
a poster with an image of a cat and the words hello, cheewon world
선인장 on Twitter
an abstract background with the word shock in white and purple letters on top of it
jardel (@Jarde1l) / X
the cover to euphona
Mountdesign: I will create 3 flat minimalist logo design for your business for $20 on
some type of posters with different colors and font on them, all in various styles
设计灵感参考!9种当下最流行的视觉设计风格- 优设9图 - 设计知识卡片
an advertisement featuring two women with scissors and pink background
Edit - Seulgi (Red Velvet).
Design Kim Seokjin of BTS
the poster for redicetto shows two women with long black hair and one is wearing a
jennie kim edit
Caso se inspire, dê os devidos créditos. Não reposte edições feitas por mim. / / If you are inspired, give due credit. Do not repost edits made by me. CREDITS : AmelloJiyt
Art By Liam Kendrick. | inspo in @DesignonMilly Neon, Icons, Itzy
Itzy edit.
Art By Liam Kendrick. | inspo in @DesignonMilly
the poster for an upcoming korean drama show, h & m's love is in the air
Edição hanni
the poster for girls'generation pres play is shown in pink and orange colors
NiziU Press Play
Highlights, Twitter, Icon
gidle edit
an advertisement for the korean girl group blackpink
𝓑lackpink design
an advertisement for the korean girl group girls'generation
Jennie design.
the poster for girls'generation is displayed in front of a pink background with hearts
stayc design.