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up-close images of details | details in the detail | textures and patterns for inspiration
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Jewel Beetle Leg detail ~ marvelous colors. Do you ever ponder what is out of our visual range?

Look deep into nature art is all around us in patterns, textures, and color ~ Beetle Leg detail

Dragonfly Wing | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Dragonfly Wing, photo by Harold Davis. Up close, lit from behind by the setting sun—the photo shows a magnification of about ten times. -- I love the structures and colours in this wing, creates a beautiful natural pattern

Macaw feathers (Naples Zoo) 2/15/09

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Be inspired by nature…Horticultural Art. Simply beautiful moments in nature … be inspired by these colours and fill your life with them.


Ginkgo biloba by Horticultural Art. a collection of framed leaf art would be lovely for autumn This really inspires me for my designs. Call on nature texture! Love the color, the way the leaves lay on top of each other as like fish scales