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Imagen de pastel, pink, and blue

Wallpaper - Imagen de pastel, pink, and blue

Unexpected color combination of leaves but still really pretty.

Texture - Unexpected color combination of leaves but still really pretty.

Catching my breath painting by Beth Nicholas in calming tones with a touch of gold.

wool and the gang

Information about BA Textile Design at Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London (UAL).

Fungus in the forest. TurkeyTails

Texture and Pattern: Turkey Tail Fungi


Colorful octopus photo enhanced, suction cups so cute.

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nature's artwork - peeling and rust colour, surface pattern and texture - beauty in decay intrigues me and gives the best color juxtaposition

Butterfly wing closeup

Butterfly wing close-up


Texture and Pattern: Rust - artistic erosion! Colour, texture and pattern inspiration. Metals exposed to the elements.

~Autumn~ Turquoise, copper, and gold . . . after the rain

~Autumn~ Turquoise, copper, and gold

elephant apple leaves, Australia

elephant apple leaves photo by omnia

green paint, peeling off wood, texture and color

An Old Crackled Green Painted Wood Surface. I love the texture of this old wood - and the green color, too

What you believe is what you become.

What you believe is what you become.

Concrete Rope, found on shopping mall in Sydney, Australia. I want to know more about how the artist made a concrete rope!

successive layers of paint enabling and revealing rust

rusty painted surface Add to my rusty collection for color!


I'm not a fan of octopus or squid but I can't deny the beauty in the pattern and what I can only assume to think is an interesting texture. The repetitive geometric design is so cool nature!