10 Cute Cat Tattoo Designs

10 Cute Cat Tattoo Designs

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Béla Tarcsay - Lukrécia (Hungarian, b. 1952)

Béla Tarcsay (Hungarian, b. Nagykanizsa, Hungary) Lukrécia, 2012 Drawings: Pastels on Paper/Paperboard

Margaret Keane

Black Cat Artwork Big Eyed Original Painting Wall Art Animal Art Cat Painting Handmade Artwork Wall decor children’s room artwork cute cat

Apofiss <3

omoi reflect ~ Rihards Donskis aka Apofiss ~~playing around with some ideas. this one is quite abstract as to reflect or visualize thoughts. ( omoi - thought, desire, mind, feeling, etc ) initially meant as a mobile device skin design~

Lickable... by ~Mizu-no-Akira on deviantART

First one of the "To-Do-List"! I felt so felt like drawing happy, bright and shiny things again after I found out how I'm able.

Silverstar:*sighs & walks around and behind me a small fire starts*I wonder why this happens.....Well I better head back 2 The camp*Runs back*

Cute Cat Illustrations by Rihards Donskis

by apofiss   ~ deviantART

In his post we gathered some funny or humorous as well as cute digital art concepts of animals(creatures) created by the talented Rihards Donskis a. Apofis, a digital painter from Latvia. Hes work fill your heart with joy.