WEBSTA @ ladowska - Day 23 ー a little behind…Every time I see @hmao_owo's pictures I want to draw them all Q^Q so pretty…Aaaannd... its 3am again. Every inktober drawing is taking me more and more time…Anyway, it's 26th♡, special day, everyone please have a nice day for me, I need to go to work in few hours  ♡

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rossdraws: “Here’s something I made for the upcoming fan episode! I recently asked for submissions of drawings or photos for me to draw. I’ve done one earlier and it turned out to be a crowd favorite!

18.8k Likes, 27 Comments - meyoコ (@meyoco) on Instagram: “ (art tools info: @pearlescentpink)”

18.8k Likes, 27 Comments - meyoコ (@meyoco) on Instagram: “ (art tools info: @pearlescentpink)”

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Is it light or darkness that you are attracted to? To me, for example, angels are awesome, vampires are better!

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Messy portrait QvQ I miss drawing random portraits so much cos commission portraits always have to be clean and u cant get away with messiness lmao 😂😂 but I love doing quick messy portraits so muchhh they're so easy & fast *^* //// inspired by 💕💕