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To start choose at least five neon polishes of your choice, the more variety the more life will be given to your skull nails, if you want to go with just a single color then you can do so as long as it fits your costume theme. The black polish for the skulls should at least be black lacquer; this is so that the skulls will not chip that easily. Even though you say that you will protect the design with the clear coat on top, it still helps that the skull polish itself is long lasting. Start…
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Matte black nails with gold designs
Black matted leopard nail art design. the matte colors are absolutely gorgeous and they help highlight the gold and gray leopard prints on top.
Liquid Leather by China Glaze and used stamping plate W119 by Winstonia with Good As Gold by Essie.
Nail Design For Short Nails Black Matte