I would build a bunker like this

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a close up of a statue on the side of a building with a bird perched on it's head
QUEST FOR BEAUTY —  Art Deco Architectural Detail of the Former Court...
an ornate wooden door with stained glass above it
Door at number 22 in Strasbourg by W Chris Fooshee
an ornate gold and red clock on the wall
De Wies Pulpit
an elaborately decorated clock in the middle of a building
Wieskirche - Wies, Germany
gold and green sculptures on the side of a building
Othmar schimkowitz engel otto wagner kirche
a large building with many windows and lots of lights on the side of the street
The Tower of Terror
an aerial view of a giant statue in the shape of a human head and hands
Hindu Cosmos — Vishnu on Garuda - Drone view Garuda Wisnu...
a painting of a woman holding an orange ball in her right hand, with the sun behind her
M. Kungl (M Kungl) Prints Artist | Artful Home
a very tall tower with many different statues on it
Sri Mariamman Temple - Statues
a tall clock tower with statues on it's sides next to a sign for the royal
Art Deco - Durban Architecture
a very tall tower with many different colored sculptures on it's sides and trees in the foreground
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