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Мальдивы 3 D
Immerse yourself in the world of a mysterious island with this unique painting created from epoxy resin and stabilized moss. Its beautiful waves, made in several layers, seem to invite you on an amazing journey across the endless ocean. The size of the panel, reaching 60 cm, emphasizes the scale and grandeur of this work of art.
Seascape Resin painting
“The Mauritius Island” Size: 15.7х15.7 inches |40x40cm The unexplored island of Mauritius is such a tropical and unusual flavor of wildlife. The most beautiful paradise island, which we transferred to our canvas 15.7х15.7 inches |40x40cm *Easy installation to the wall.
Original Seascape painting
Original Artwork “Seychelles” 💫Available for purchase 💫
Original Resin painting
Oroginal artwork by Twins Art 🫶🏻 Worldwide shipping ✅
two sea turtles swimming in the ocean on top of a sandy beach with blue water
"The Great Journey" Diameter 30cm / 11.8 inches
Delicate and vulnerable, just hatched baby turtles are rushing towards the OCEAN, their first step towards freedom and adventures ⛵️ Their tiny paws clumsily run on the sand, filling the air with joy and hope. Like little WARRIORS, they overcome obstacles, striving towards their true home - the blue expanse of the OCEAN, where they will begin their amazing journey in the aquatic realm. May every step of these little turtles be filled with STRENGTH and determination, and every wave that caresses their shells remind them of the great PATH they have yet to travel 💙 And may this painting created by us become a SYMBOL of a new life beginning, full of adventures and possibilities 💙 "The Baby Turtles" are currently free and looking for their cozy home 🏠
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3D Original Art “Seyshelles”
In this picture I wanted to emphasize the amazing LANDSCAPE, exotic IDYL, and something that will definitely charm you at first sight. There is no such work anywhere, it is made in a single copy, completely handmade.
New artwork “Seyshelles”
New art project “Seyshelles”
a round table with an island in the middle on top of it, surrounded by trees and rocks
Many have asked us whether it is possible to recreate such a paradise landscape as the Seychelles, we can confidently answer: Yes, we can do it! 🥰 The wildlife of the Seychelles is truly attractive, not only for tourists, but also for us, from an artistic point of view.🔥
Original Resin Painting
Artwork "Wonderland" Dimention: 16.5 inches / 42cm We present to your attention the panel "Wonderland" There is also a freight train, balloons, houses, a yacht, a lighthouse and magical waterfalls ... I wanted to portray a small work in which life goes on as usual, life - among green meadows and a clear sun. Looking at the artwork, you feel calm, harmony and serenity✨ All the details are made by hand 🙌🏻 Which country does this panel look like? #resinart#epoxyresin##epoxyresin#epoxywallart#preservedmoss#contemporaryart#oceanart#seadecor#seyshelles#resinwallpainting #paintingofinstagram #paintingart
3D original resin artwork
Guide “Sea and Waterfalls” ✨High level 🌊
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Resin Seascape Artwork
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