Motorized Pergola Systems - Ramada Hotel

The Ramada Hotel Project is an excellent sample of the limitless possibilities that come with our products. This specially engineered construction cover.


The Flat Motor Pergolas are movable ceiling systems, sliding on rails, which can be adapted to aluminium, wooden or steel structures.

Camellia, Gazebo, Pergola Systems

Camellia, Gazebo, Pergola Systems is

Motorized Pergola Systems - Aquarium Florya

The exquisite Aquarium Florya Shopping Mall with its award winning architecture is the set for one of Locas impressive projects.

Motorized Pergola Systems - Flexi Yesilkoy

This free standing product, employing intelligent solutions,enables one to take full advantage of any outdoor area. In this project Loca has a created a.

Motorized Pergola Systems

Motorized Pergola Systems is