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a drawing of the last supper of jesus
The Ascension of Our Lord, pattern
a painting of a church with a cross on it's side and an umbrella in the foreground
the icon depicts jesus and other people on top of a mountain with an inverted star above them
Преображение Господне
a drawing of jesus holding a bird in his hand
Иконописец Наталия Пискунова. Творческий дневник
Fresco, Decoration, Art Icon, Orthodox
Pin by Mitic Jelena on Ikonografija | Orthodox icons, Orthodox christian icons, Art icon
a painting of an old man with long white hair and beard on a beige background
Holy Prophet Elijah ( by Georgi Chimev / Георги Чимев )
an icon of st cecilia holding two red bricks
an old black and white photo of jesus
an image of jesus riding on the back of a horse with two black birds flying over it
the ceiling of a church with an ornate painting on it's side and blue eyes
an image of jesus christ in gold and red robes with a halo around his neck