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Pixel sorting art by Jessica Andersdotter. Pixel sorting is a digital technique that makes these cool abstract shapes!

Jessica Andersdotter digital art design Pixel sorting After Effects

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Brighten up any room in your house with this beautiful Rocky Mountain sunset wall decal and bask in the glory that is Mother Nature at its finest. Paul Moore is a man who lives and works comfortably a

Stars shining bright above me

And one by one she plucked the stars out from the sky. Darkness reigned and all the foulest beasts emerged to play in the new world.

The stark simplicity of the tall, slim birches seems to come to life on our hand-painted canvas as the birds move toward you from the blue sky. Sized just right for a den or living room, it projects a quiet, yet lively, peacefulness.

A neat design trick: slim candlesticks with white tapers seem to mirror the birch trees in the painting, bringing an interesting dimension to the whole vignette.