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This is one of the most requested areas around Bucharest for outdoor activities being offered to tourists: horse riding, carriage ride, sport fishing, archery, renting bicycles, Tyrolean traverse, kayak and boat rentals; motor boat rides, bird watching activities, guided excursions, camping; sightseeing flights with ultra-light aircrafts: planes, para-motors, moto-hangglider, sky-diving. Anually, in May, is organized "Festivalul Bujorului” (engl. Peony Festival).

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Palace Stirbei

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Comana Monastery

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The Caldarusani Monastery

Snagov Recreational Area

The most precious treasure of the monastery represents the reliquary with The Holy Relics of St. Pantelimon, St. Mucenic Mina and St. Mercurie.

Snagov Monastery

The Ţigăneşti monastery

Cernica Monastery

Mogosoaia Palace, Romania