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two people are sitting on the grass in front of some trees and one person is walking
Scholars’ Green Park by gh3
a person sitting on a bench under a tree with their legs crossed in front of them
heritage garden landscape architecture intervention
heritage garden landscape architecture intervention - Pesquisa Google
an artist's rendering of people walking around in the park
Valerio Franzone Architect
DE GASPERI WAS A CIRCLE - Valerio Franzone
a street sign on a pole next to a planter filled with flowers and plants
Flickriver: MIG|SvR's most interesting photos
Stormwater planters on Maynard green street, Seattle by SvR Design Co. - Essa solução é legal, por que parece ser um sistema de drenagem bem bacana para a cidade. A única coisa ruim são os banquinhos que tendo esse formato podem dificultar um pouco a interação entre um grupo amigos que queiram conversar. Eles ficariam de costas uns para os outros!
an artist's rendering of a park in the middle of a green field with trees
Diseño de Parque Urbano en Reynosa
parques diseño | Proyecto LAMBDA [λ]: Diseño de Parque Urbano en Reynosa
an aerial view of a park with trees and water
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GILBERTO ELKIS PAISAGISMO Interesting combination of straight and curved lines---looks like a fun space to walk through #minimalist