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two people sitting on top of a rock looking out at the mountains and lake below
Day Trip to Lake Humantay
If you're in Cusco, Peru there are so many day trips you can do. Here is exactly what our day trip to Lake Humantay consisted of and all the logistics of arranging it.
several different types of clothes and purses with text overlay that reads, gangy on packing list
Female Carry On Packing List- Ultimate Guide
Here is my female carry on packing list showing you how I fit all this into just a carry on backpack! #carryon #packingguide
the blue domes on top of a building with text overlay that says everything you need to know to go to san antonio
How to Spend 3 Days in Santorini
Here is our guide for how to spend 3 days in Santorini without feeling like you missed anything! #santorini #greecetravel
the ultimate female carry on packing list
Female Carry On Packing List
It can be so hard to narrow down your packing list to fit in a small bag. Here is my complete female packing list in just a carry on to make it as easy as possible! #carryon #packinglist
the ocean with text that reads 5 tips we wish we knew before going to greece
5 Tips We Wish We Knew Before Going to Greece
Here are 5 tips we wish we knew before going to Greece including how long to spend in Athens and tips to make the most of your time on the islands! #greecetravel #greecetips
the words eco - friendly items that are great for travel
5 Eco-Friendly Items To Travel With - Truth of Traveling
There's no reason you can't be eco-friendly even while traveling. Here are a few small items that are easy to travel with while still reducing your use of single-use items! #EcoFriendlyTravel #TravelEco #PackingList
a lake with mountains in the background and text that reads day trip to lucerne switzerland
Day Trip to Lucerne From Zurich- Complete Guide
Here is our guide to taking a day trip to Lucerne, Switzerland including getting there, what to do and if a boat trip on Lucerne Lake is worth the money! #switzerlandtravel #lucerne
the ocean with text overlaying 10 items you already own that work great for traveling
10 Items You Already Own That Work Great for Traveling
Don't want to spend a ton of money on travel items? You don't have to! Here we rounded up inexpensive items you already have in your house that are perfect to travel with! #besttravelitems #packinglist #packingtips
the complete guide to the fira to oia - ake island in greece
Complete Guide to the Fira to Oia Hike, Santorini
Here is our complete guide to doing the Fira to Oia hike in Santorini including where to start, what landmarks to look for on your way and how to end it! #greekislands #whattodoonsantorini
the coastline with text overlaying it that reads, villa & sun - ten - day
Day Trip to Villefranche & Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France
An easy day trip from Nice, France is Villefranche and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Here we go through how to hit the small Village of Villefranche and walk the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat Coastal Pathway in a day! #southoffrance #nicedaytrips
an old building with the words where to eat in philadelphia
Where To Eat in Philadelphia
In this post we go over where to eat in Philadelphia for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you know the best spots in the city! #philadelphia #bestphillyrestaurants
a pile of clothes with the words how to pack all this into this carry on
How to Fit Everything in a Carry On Bag
In this post I go over how I pack all this (clothes, shoes, electronics and toiletries) into 3 packing cubes to fit into my carry on bag. #packinglist #femaletraveler
the sun shining over water and rocks with text that reads 10 reason why you should visit sinos & milos
10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sifnos & Milos
In this post we’re going over 10 reasons why you should visit Sifnos and Milos in Greece! These two islands are beautiful and completely worth visiting! #greekislands #sifnosandmilos
the contents of a long term packing list laid out on top of a wooden floor
Female Long Term Packing List
In this female long term carry on packing list I go through everything I packed for long term travel as a female and how I fit it all in a carry on bag! #longtermtravel #femalepackinglist
the philadelphia skyline with text overlaying it that reads, our favorite restaurants philadelphia
Our Favorite Restaurants in Philadelphia
Heading to the City of Brotherly Love? Here is our guide to our favorite restaurants in Philadelphia and what to get at each one! #philadelphia #wheretoeatinphilly