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a close up of a leaf on a plant in the dirt near a tree trunk
Getting rid of poison ivy is a serious matter. What you should and shouldn't do
Getting rid of poison ivy is a serious matter. What you should and shouldn't do | AP News
a large sprinkler is spraying water on a green field with blue sky in the background
Tens of millions of acres of cropland lie abandoned, study shows
The biggest changes took place around the Ogallala Aquifer, whose groundwater irrigates parts of numerous states, including Colorado, Texas and Wyoming.
purple and green leaves are growing on the plant
Purple Passion or Velvet Plant | The Spruce
(Gynura aurantiaca) Plant in good-quality potting soil & place in bright, filtered light to maintain color. Keep soil evenly moist, with slight reduction in watering from fall to late winter. Use half-strength fertilizer every 2 wks during growing season & once a month in winter. Trailing habit up to 3 ft; train up a support, or pinch back shoots to keep more compact & encourage new shoots. Cut back in spring or summer if plant becomes too large. Cuttings are easily rooted in water. Can produce orange-yellow thistle-like blooms in late fall/winter – many gardeners remove flowers as they appear because of their unpleasant smell. #houseplant
there are many plants that are on the shelves
Plants can communicate and respond to touch. Does that mean they're intelligent?
Zoë Schlanger makes the case for plant intelligence in 'The Light Eaters' : NPR
some very pretty flowers in the woods
Carolina allspice (Calycanthus floridus) | North Carolina Extension Gardener
Also called sweetshrub or spicebush (among other common names), Calycanthus is a large native deciduous shrub found in the south east growing in shady woodlands & along streambanks. It's showy maroon flowers are fragrant, described as combining hints of pineapple, strawberry, & banana. It blooms in early spring before leaves emerge, then with the leaves, & sporadically thereafter. It has a suckering habit, & can be propagated by seed. Several named varieties are available in the nursery trade. #native_plant
three different types of plants growing in the grass and on the ground, one with purple flowers
Three (easily mixed up) early spring plants | Identify That Plant
These 3 plants usually arise & bloom in late winter & early spring. The flowers are similar in color, the leaves seem to be the same shape & size, & the height of the plants are nearly the same. Learn to tell the difference between ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea), purple dead nettle (Lamium purpureum), & henbit (Lamium amplexicaule). #garden
carrots and flowers are arranged in the shape of hands
Opinion | Gardens of Good and Evil
Opinion | How Not to Be a Selfish Gardener - The New York Times
some white flowers are growing in the woods
Opinion | This tiny flower teaches us all we need to know about growing old
What I have been watching for years was spring as humans made it. This year, I’m experiencing spring as God made it.
how to grow roselle hibiscus flowers in the garden with text overlay
How to grow Roselle Hibiscus: Growing Jamaican Sorrel
berries are growing on the branches of a tree in an open area with green grass and trees
The University of Texas at Austin
Lindera benzoin (Northern spicebush) | Native Plants of North America
red flowers are blooming in the garden
Scarlet sage, Salvia coccinea
Scarlet sage, Salvia coccinea – Wisconsin Horticulture
there is a shelf with plants on it and the words, chinese money plant care
Chinese Money Plant Care - 5 Secrets (Pilea Peperomioides)
there are four pictures with green plants in the same pot and one has a white sign that says neon potshoss care
Neon Pothos Plant Care: All Questions Answered
Neon Pothos Plant Care: All Questions Answered