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an image of a painting of jesus pointing to the people in front of him with his hand out
French History of Arkansas
French History of Arkansas - Only In Arkansas
a map with zones labeled in red and blue
Alligators in Arkansas | Hot Springs Sentinel Record
Arkansas lies at the northern edge of alligators' natural range, with most of the northern half of the state being simply too cool an environment for them to survive. The Arkansas Game & Fish Commission has designated 5 alligator management zones statewide. The AGFC also maintains a 24-hour nuisance wildlife hotline – 833-345-0315 – to respond to reports of wildlife that may pose a threat to people, livestock or property. Of course, the best thing to do if you see one is LEAVE IT ALONE.
an aerial view of a road in the middle of a field with trees and grass
Storm over Petit Jean
Quite large panorama shot, visit Flickr to really appreciate it. Photographer Brad Sims.
a man and woman sitting next to each other in front of a river with trees
How does the water at Hot Springs National Park get so hot?
Hot Springs National Park history goes back millions of years |
a snake curled up on a tree branch
Look up!
Two juvenile timber rattlesnakes (Crotalus horridus) in a black gum tree, northern Georgia Piedmont. A great reminder to also LOOK UP in brushy areas.
a person in blue gloves is holding two snails and measuring the length of their thumb
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission warns of invasive snail species | What to know
Invasive snail species spotted in shipments coming to Arkansas |
a map with red and blue dots on the united states, where people are currently living
Citizen Science, Periodical Cicadas : Mapping the double emergence in 2024
Brood XIII (17 yr brood) is shown by blue dots, & Brood XIX (13 yr brood) is shown with red dots. Their emergence will happen in late April to early May, 2024. Download the MSJ Cicada Safari app & submit photos to help gather updated mapping data. After your photos are verified, they will be posted to the live map. Cicada Safari was created by Dr. Gene Kritsky working with the Center for IT Engagement at Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati. #entomology
a woman sitting in the grass with her dog and cage on it's back
Crooks prey on owners of lost pets - Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (2024-04-01)
Arkansas Online
Arkansas 9-year-old catches ultra-rare pink grasshopper in her yard | KARK Pink Grasshopper, Fearless Friday, Robotics Competition, Chelsea Clinton, Weird News, Today Show, Find A Job, Veterinarian, Taking Pictures
Arkansas 9-year-old catches ultra-rare pink grasshopper in her yard
Arkansas 9-year-old catches ultra-rare pink grasshopper in her yard | KARK
a wooden sign that says mountain valley spring water
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Vintage Wooden Box - Mountain Valley Spring Water Hot Springs Arkansas Shipping Crate - Beauitful Antique Organizational Box. $89.00, via Etsy.
the roof of a house that has been torn off
Tips for protecting your home during severe weather season
Tips for protecting your home during bad weather |
an old rusty bridge over a river in the fall with leaves on the ground and trees around it
The Old River Bridge over the Saline River, Benton
Arkansas' second oldest bridge was constructed in 1891. After being severely damaged in 1974 it was decommissioned but remained an iconic landmark, entered on the National Register of Historic Places in '77. In 1996 it was featured in the movie "Sling Blade". Around 2004 former Benton mayor Lynn Moore began the restoration effort. In 2021 the bridge was sent to an ironworks company in Michigan. It returned to Saline County in 2023 to be reinstalled for public use as the halfway mark for the future Southwest Trail from Little Rock to Hot Springs.
the logo for buy local burn logs
Arkansas Firewood | What is the best wood for firewood?
Arkansas Firewood | What is the best wood for firewood?
an old black and white photo of a woman standing in front of a bridge
Saline County to celebrate restoration of historic Old River Bridge
Saline County to break ground on the Old River Bridge |