Clumzee is climbing game with semi-realistic physics. Navigate a cute but clumsy creature through many dangerous worlds. Move Clumzee up by controlling his sticky legs, and be sure not to fall down. He must move quickly and avoid mysterious water creatures and their spiteful minions who will try to stop him. Clumzee is new mobile game for #children and #family
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Need more gold coins? Use the Magnet special ability to attract any nearby coins in #Clumzee's Factory world! #EndlessClimber

The Candyland Gift ability can drop a package of gold anywhere during #Clumzee's climb! Make sure to reach it in time to collect the goods! #EndlessClimber

The Jetpack special ability is a great way for #Clumzee to dodge enemies and speedily outrun the hungry monster! #EndlessClimber

Time for our clumsy furball to show what he's made of . . . if he doesn't get eaten! #Clumzee is NOW AVAILABLE on the #App Store and #Google Play. You can play for FREE today! #EndlessClimber

It's much easier for #Clumzee to move around when he freezes time in Winter world. #EndlessClimber

#Clumzee's Avalanche special ability is the perfect way to wipe out any enemies or obstacles in his way in Canyon world! #EndlessClimber

No climb is too scary for the fearless Sheriff in #Clumzee – not even the Spooky world! #EndlessClimber

When you climb as fast as the #Clumzee Wizard furball, it must be magic! #EndlessClimber

Make your climb out of this world with the Alien furball's inverse colors in #Clumzee! #EndlessClimber

We wanted #Clumzee to face more challenging obstacles during his endless climb -- and these dangerous, one-eyed minions came to mind. These creatures are determined to stop Clumzee by any means necessary! #EndlessClimber #TBT

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