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Clumzee is climbing game with semi-realistic physics. Navigate a cute but clumsy creature through many dangerous worlds. Move Clumzee up by controlling his sticky legs, and be sure not to fall down. He must move quickly and avoid mysterious water creatures and their spiteful minions who will try to stop him. Clumzee is new mobile game for #children and #family

From cotton candy clouds to cupcake platforms, the Candyland world is the sweetest place for #Clumzee! #EndlessClimber

Can you believe how far our little furball has come? From freckles to fuzz, #Clumzee was always destined for climbing greatness! #EndlessClimber

OOPS! Seems #Clumzee may be a fitting nickname for Jimmy after all! #EndlessClimber

This little furball might be even clumsier than our dearest #Clumzee! #EndlessClimber

You call THAT a jump? Let #Clumzee show you how it's done on the Dreaded Path! #EndlessClimber

“#Clumzee is very likable and makes you want to squeeze him due to his extreme cuteness.” #Download3k's Chrisanna Lazaridou adores the cute visuals and silly quality of #Clumzee in her review:

"A great challenge for adults and even fun for younger gamers to play and enjoy themselves.” #Clumzee is a family favorite that #ConfidentGamers' PhillyX is sure to keep playing with his kids -- earning it 8.3 out of 10!

“This is a solid game.” With its especially charming visuals and smooth gameplay, #Clumzee impresses Charlie Hawkins in his 8 out of 10 review on #AlteredConfusion:

[Review] Clumzee: Endless Climb Is A Wonderful Family-Sized Fun

#Clumzee is a hit with #Pocketmeta's Dan Vlasic and kids, earning it 4.2 out of 5 in his review! “What I think #Triple Hill Interactive did with #Clumzee is to create a totally new, likeable character with a personality, and a catchy gameplay that is sure to attract young and adult players alike. In fact, it’s got all the ingredients to become your next favorite casual twitch game.”

Spooky world is not for the faint of heart! Only the most courageous furball can handle the terrors of #Clumzee's most frightening world. #EndlessClimber