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a three tiered wedding cake with flowers on top
Wedding Cakes
Weddbook is a content discovery engine mostly specialized on wedding concept. You can collect images, videos or articles you discovered organize them, add your own ideas to your collections and share with other people | Weddbook ♥ This cake has a heavy and traditional look. It is for the ones who are planning a wedding that is rather classic than modern. The exterior has a satin off white look and the decorations are floral with a burgundy color. #classic, #cake, #weddingcake, #traditional,
a close up of a cat toy on the ground
there are many different pictures of toys made to look like rubber ducky ducks and chicks
three pink roses sitting on top of a white cake with green leaves and flowers in the middle
Once you start you can't stop the fever of macarons, but today I will adult and make some roses for a special project coming up! What are you guys up to?
a small teddy bear with a pacifier in it's mouth sitting on top of a rock
Caracoles & Pin*Gus
Resultado de imagen para Caracoles & Pin*Gus
a blue and white sneaker with stars on it's side sitting on top of a table
Emma Jayne Cake Design
a three tiered white wedding cake with flowers on top
White Wedding Cake with sugar roses. Made by Sue's Cakes
a three tiered cake with pink and white flowers
Bolo decorado com flores
a three tiered white cake with pink flowers on it
a three tiered white cake with pink and silver flowers on the top, sitting on a pedestal
New autumn class.. come and learn how to make this wedding cake. I will teach you how to achieve sharp edges, apply metallic leaf, lustre,…
three cupcakes decorated with pink icing and baby feet on top of each one
(5) Одноклассники
there are four pictures of different items made to look like wedding gowns
vestido sentada Pasta, Miniature, Dresses, Inspiration, Dekoration, Dress, Model
vestido sentada