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a desk with a lamp and pictures on the wall
Catrina Sivula on Instagram: "I just couldn’t wait to share this antique desk I thrifted this morning! I planned to sand it down to get rid of the two tone stain, but it’s actually growing on me a bit. What do you guys think? Sand and re-stain it or leave it be? #hyggehome #cozyhome #transitionalhome #smallhouseliving #targetstyle @targetstyle #loloirug @loloirugs #fixerupper #homerenovation #homedecor #homeremodel #vintageart #vintagehome #cottagecore #homeinspo #interiordesign #howwedwell #d
a living room filled with lots of furniture and books on top of a coffee table
october bits
a white bed sitting next to a wooden dresser in a living room under a window
No Sofa Needed: This NYC Studio Proves an Unconventional Layout Can Totally Work
a large mirror sitting on top of a wooden shelf filled with books and vinyl records
a bedroom scene with focus on the dresser and chair, window to the side area
Stunning Vintage Bedroom Inspiration!
a chandelier hanging from a ceiling with flowers in front of it and a painting on the wall
Miss Paty
an image of a light fixture with measurements on the bottom and below it is shown
a desk with a mirror and lamp on top of it in front of a couch
a wooden tray with soap and scrub on it in front of a window sill
a dressing table with mirror and stool in front of it on top of a hard wood floor
Virginia Vanity | Urban Outfitters
a wooden frame filled with lots of writing on top of a white sheet of paper
love letter 💗