Storybook Apps

Best storybooks to promote early reading on your Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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App of the Week: "The Tree that Refused to Shed" - a beautifully illustrated story about seasons and nature
Choose the main character and how the story unfolds - The Stolen Stars - a wonderful reading experience for the whole family
Here are 10 wonderful apps from the Cat in the Hat's Learning Library that can keep your little ones entertained during summer break. Did you get any?
This is a funny story about Snowpo the polar bear cub who arrives in London searching for food.
Curious George and the Firefighters has been released today and got 5 stars from us! ON SALE for 3 days only ($2.99->$1.99)
Petites Choses – The Little Things in Life - a wonderful story about happiness and the little things in life
Everyone has a star that protects them, even dogs!  "Laura's Journey to the Stars" - a charming interactive book about hoping, dreaming and wishing.
Grimm's Bookshelf - a great collection of 3D interactive pop-up books
10 Of The Best PBS Kids Games For Your Mobile Device
The Worst Parents Ever is a cute story that provides a valuable life lesson for kids, while it also promotes reading at an early age.