This is sooo cool !!! http://top5electronics.com/index.php/exclusives/19-exclusive-star-wars-r2-d2-measuring-cup-set
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iKETTLE – World’s first wifi kettle allows you to boil water from bed.totally lazy but perfect for those Saturdays where you need to be lazy!

The first product of this new line is the Impossible Instant Lab that has been designed to bridge the gap between digital and analog instant photography. www.top5electronics.com read more

The Impossible Instant Lab: Prints Digital Pics With Polaroid Flavor

World's first robotic ball !  http://top5electronics.com/

Sphero now available for Windows 8 The Sphero robotic toy controlled via Bluetooth is now available for Windows 8 devices, as well as the previous apps for iOS and Android.


First Edition Spectra Polaroid Camera. I owned this camera. I loved it, I shot countless pictures with it. When it broke, I bought a new one. Had it with me always, I miss Polaroid.

This kit was especially designed for the geek within you, and within me of course. If we honestly care about our game consoles we need such high-pro equipment in order to preserve our little treasures and keep it as much as possible in a new-state condition.  http://top5electronics.com/index.php/gadgets

Game Console & Electronics Refurbishing Kit - Everything you need to crack open consoles and other devices without ruining them.