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four different types of logos and designs on white paper with black ink in the middle
Art prints of the 7 horcruxes by an awesome graphic artist
a gold ring with a stone in the middle
Thomas Kinkade Seasons Of Joy Bisque Porcelain Portrait Doll
$43.96 One of my favorite discoveries at WBShop.com: Harry Potter Horcrux Ring
Rowena Ravencla's Diaden Harry Potter Wedding, Gold Diamond Wedding Band, Royal Jewels, Crown Jewels, Tiaras And Crowns, Ravenclaw, Diamond Wedding Bands
Harry Potter Stuff
Rowena Ravencla's Diaden
a necklace with an image of a dragon on it and a chain attached to it
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50 Magical Presents For Harry Potter Fans: Horcrux Locket ($48, originally $60)
a gold ring with a black stone in it
#myflaw? I'm easily influenced by popular song lyrics....
Voldemort's Horcrux Ring
an old book with the title tom riddle's diary
Harry Potter Stuff
Tom Riddle's Diary. "Harry saw at once that it was a diary, and the faded year on the cover told him it was fifty years old. He opened it eagerly. On the first page he could just make out the name 'T. M. Riddle' in smudged ink."
harry potter's rings and other items in black and white
Lord Voldemort's Horcruxes Tom Marvolo Riddle's Diary Marvolo's Ring Slytherin Locket Hufflepuff Cup Ravenclaw Diadem Nagini Snake Harry Potter