Toews Adventure: Mukuvisi Woodlands

Last weekend while a short-term missionary doctor was in Harare on his way home, the Toews + our neighbor Stacy took him to Mukuvisi Wood.

Five Tips on Fundraising

funded and done by God's mysterious doings. Time and time again God decided to prove that He's got this w.

Karanda Hospital - Zimbabwe - 2006

In just one month Dr. Roland Stephens, 12 nurses and one other doctor will deliver 120 babies and care for over other patients (including 300 surgery cases)…

TEAM in Zimbabwe

With a devastated economy and unprecedented difficulties in many facets of life, reaching out to people through theological training, medical care, and building…

Mission Statement

As we've begun to announce our calling to serve God in Zimbabwe for a year, people have asked us "How can we help?

The Jesus Film in Shona

JESUS Film Afrikaans- Die genade van onse Here Jesus Christus sy met jul.