Kendama USA - Kaizen - Padauk - Silk - Mint christian

Kaizen - Padauk - Silk - Mint

This minty caramel colored Kendama is made of padauk wood; a rich orange wood that turns progressively darker as you play and infuse your essence into it. We have paired this Kaizen shaped ken with a

kendamas | Sweets Kendama

kendamas | Sweets Kendama

Evelyn's new thing. Tribute Bamboo Kendamas

Evelyn's new thing. Tribute Bamboo Kendamas

Image of Tribute Kendama - Triple Stripes

The absolute best place to Buy a Kendama. Ozora, SunRise, and more!

Kendama USA - Tribute Half Split - Neon Orange and Black - SILK Matte

Tribute Half Split - Neon Orange and Black - SILK Matte

Kaizen Kendamas are proudly produced by Kendama USA. Each part of the Kaizen Kendama has been meticulously thought out by the Kendama USA team, making enhanceme

Kendama USA - Tribute Rasta - Red Yellow Green

We are constantly developing and offering the latest and greatest Kendama products.

Kendama usa  | Kendama USA - Pro Models

Kendama USA - Pro Models

The 2014 Pro Model Kendamas have been customized to cater to each Pro's unique style and personality. Each kendama has different engravings, designed by the pro

Tribute Kendama - Green

Tribute Kendama is a version of the addictive Japanese skill toy that has been popular in Japan for many decades. Tribute Kendama - Green from Kendama USA.

Tribute 5 Hole - Natural – Kendama USA

Tribute 5 Hole - Natural

Beach photography. Kendama's

Beach photography. Kendama's

Tribute 5 Cup - Green – Kendama USA

Tribute 5 Cup - Green

This is the first 5 cup model to have the Tribute design so it is just as easy to re-string as the standard Tribute. The 5 cup Tribute Kendama adds all sorts of